Awards to Current Members

*This page is currently still being updated. Please be patient as more information is being added.*

Postdoctoral fellows

Jiuxing Li

  • 2023, FHS Postdoctoral Fellow Impact Award

Zijie Zhang

  • 2022, Postdoctoral Fellow Impact Award, McMaster University
  • 2021, Basmajian Award for Excellence in Post-Doctoral Research Work, McMaster University
  • 2018, Nanofellowship of Waterloo Institute for Nanotechnology, University of Waterloo
  • 2018, Professor Thammaiah Viswanatha Memorial Graduate Award in Biochemistry, University of Waterloo

Graduate (Doctoral)

Shuwen Qian
  • 2023, Fred and Helen Knight Award
  • 2022-2023, GSA Leadership Awards, McMaster University
  • 2018, Ontario Trillium Scholarship

Graduate (Master)

Ryan Amini

  • 2023, NSERC Canada Graduate Scholarship – Master’s
  • 2021, NSERC Undergraduate Student Research Award
  • 2020, NSERC CREATE PROMOTE Undergraduate Award