New DNAzyme that requires an organic solvent!

Read about our latest RNA-cleaving DNAzyme, one that requires an organic solvent to function!  

Given that many organic molecules are widely used as solvents in synthetic and analytical chemistry, we were motivated to derive a functional DNAzyme in these conditions. While several DNAzymes in literature have been reported to work under organic conditions, no prior study has ever selected for DNAzymes that strictly require an organic solvent to function.  

In this study, using a positive selection in dimethyl sulfoxide (DMSO) and a negative selection in an aqueous solution, we isolated an RNA-cleaving DNAzyme that strictly requires DMSO for its catalytic activity. A minimized, more efficient version of the DNAzyme was then generated, and applied in a proof-of-concept aptazyme system for sensing applications.  

Overall, we continue to be fascinated by the amazing capabilities of in vitro selection and catalytic DNA! Check out the full paper HERE.

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