Summer Scholars Program

The Biochemistry & Biomedical Sciences Summer Scholars Program (SSP) is a 12 week immersive research and mentorship program awarded to 9 undergraduate scholars this year for the second time since its establishment. I have had the pleasure of joining The Li lab through the SSP in May of 2023. Under the direct mentorship of Dr. Li & Jim Gu, my project focused on investigating DNAzyme activity in the cleavage of a specific RNA modification.

This experience not only allowed me to understand and support ongoing research efforts, yet also see first hand the true humanity behind all the research done in The Li lab and McMaster’s Biochemistry & Biomedical Sciences Department. As an undergraduate student now entering my second year in the Honours Biochemistry program here at McMaster, the ability to connect with other like minded undergraduate students, graduate students, post doctoral fellows, faculty members and research staff, is truly unparalleled to anything I have experienced before.

I am continuously grateful for this opportunity and the chance to connect with so many talented, kind, as well as genuine people this past summer.

~ Tegvir S. Grewal

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