Meet Kim

KimAfter initially finding out the main objectives of the Li Lab and having a background in learning about nucleic acids, I was intrigued and wanted to be a part of the innovative futuristic idea. I think it’s really interesting how basic tools such has litmus paper has been around for such a long time, yet only now are they being applied to universally detrimental bacteria and pathogens. I’m thrilled and so honoured to be able to be a part of this research team that is looking into unique ways to use urease in order to detect different pathogens via litmus paper. Since this idea is so unique, and in a field of its own, it’s going to be a challenging task to optimize experiments to yield the best results; but that’s science. Being a part of a team that is presenting novel ideas to the world is an indescribable experience. The team that is involved in this project provides such a great environment and encouragement, which makes this project that much more exciting and the goals more attainable. Though it can feel daunting and overwhelming at times, I’m ready for all the challenges to come and I’m ready to tackle them head on.


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